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Mnevis Trailer
February 2011
Music by Marilyn Manson
Warnings: Daniel/Ra, dark, implied non-con ,
Porn Battle XI: (Eleven Days of Porn) (2011)

Fic Trailer for Mnevis by Holdt @ Archive of Our Own

Double Deal
March 2011
For Jdjunkie

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Warnings: 18+ for partial nudity, sexual content. Also, very fast moving and flashes.
Summary: Be careful what you wish for.
Story: Jack and Daniel surmount all obstacles.
Music by Placebo

June 2011
: NSFW/18+ for sexual content, Alpha!Daniel, fast cuts, moody/angst, cosmic irony
Mired in his memories of the past 2 years with Daniel, Jack finds Arrom on Vis Uban and is shocked by his coldness. Arrom remembers the frustration of having to wear Jack down for his affections, and takes his fury out on Jack, wanting Jack to know the pain of being refused and rejected repeatedly. His plan backfires just as Jack's did.
Music by Lady Gaga, Cover by Jax Berlin

September 2011
A Holdt-Buefo Collaboration
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Warnings: NSFW/NC17 for graphic content, bdsm, dubious consent/non-con, mind-control/viral contagion, dark
Summary: (AMTDI) Jack has been exposed to/possessed by a dangerously self-aware, contagious virus. The organism or virus is enacting Jack's own darkest fantasies, bringing his inner-self to the fore with no regard for inhibitions, taboos or cultural context. Jack's most hidden feral side wants, so the organism bypasses all that lovely military Ops discipline and takes. It's almost as if Jack's Id has bypassed his superego entirely. This once, the team doesn't manage to save him in time.
Music by Nine Inch Nails

My Whole Life
November 2012
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Warnings: flashes, fast moving, NSFW explicit, gleeful cock-gobbling, bringin' the beef
Summary: Is it the darkness or is it Rodney? He's like an addiction - John has an epiphany.
Music by Adam Lambert

December 2012
FandomStargate SG-1
Warnings: flashes, fast cuts, dubstep editing, NSFW
Summary: When the wars are over, we'll find our piece of Heaven.


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