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This is Manic Mea please update your bookmark for this site. Domain has expired and has switched back to Holdt webs 

Welcome to Holdt's Vidding home in space.

Here you'll find a masterlist of my vids to date, as well as streaming access and d/l links. I have been vidding since late 2009, and am proud to say that I am still learning how to make Vegas roll over and show it's belly.  This is primarily a site to share my own works, but with me on the path are a few good friends, who post from time to time, come and go as they wish, and are a constant source of inspiration to me. (Much like hyper-intelligent cats.)

In order of appearance, they are:  Manic Mea (Vidder/Beta) , Wrethcat (Author/Vid & Fic Beta), PinkDiamonds (Author/Beta), Mistrust (Vidder/Beta), and Mitch (Author/ Vid & Fic Beta).

Be sure not to miss their very notable contributions to fandom as you peruse, and remember that feedback is manna to the muse.

Feel free to leave comments, concrit, or just drop us a line saying hi. New friends and contacts are always appreciated here. To date, I have never let a comment/feedback go without  response, whether by email or onsite, and I believe the same can be said of my companions.

As always, observe the golden rules of fandom and do not re-post or hotlink directly to my vids. If you'd like to share my work with others, please link back to this site.

You may ask me about reposting, but as I myself need the bandwidth to continue posting my vids, I'll probably say no. (There's always a chance, though...)  ;)

Also, be advised that I am primarily a slash vidder. That means you WILL see scenes here which either indicate or flat-out display scenes of adult males (and females...eventually)  engaged in homosexual activity. If this is something which offends your sensibilities, ethical structure,  social peace of mind, etc., feel free to leave.

We're all adults, yes?

Don't complain and whine to me, don't bother sending me/us hateful mail which I/we will not do you the courtesy of responding to..Just Leave.

Everyone sanely grounded in this century, feel free to continue.

(and when you're done here, jump on over and give my Allies some love!) :D

Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy my interpretation of my fandoms as much as I enjoy vidding.


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Rec: End of the Line by egoscsajszy

Posted by Holdt on May 21, 2014 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm not much for hanging around on youtube, though you can find a wealth of new vids, but a friend sent me this link and it's one worth sharing.

End of the Line weaves a gorgeous juxtapositioning of Steve/Bucky scenes and MCU quotes that underline their commitment to each other and their handling as characters within the perspectives and agendas of the greater MCU.

It's a rich tapestry of sound and sight, and a truly inspired and ambitious vid.

Please do watch.

End of the Line - Steve/Bucky by egoscsajszy



Posted by Holdt on May 1, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Posted 2 newer vids today, both MCU.



Ain't Runnin Away

One J/D vid in the bucket for JDJunkie's "Four Seasons in a Thon" Thon. (There are FOUR parts.)

Not posted to site yet, but that vid (Break Your Walls) can be viewed here.

Under Construction

Posted by Holdt on January 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

As always at the beginning of each year, changes and edits have to be made to both the vid list and the previous years links to keep site continuity.

Please bear with me while I muddle through. *grin*

What's Going On

Posted by Holdt on June 22, 2012 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Finally out of the hospital! Am bruised and freckled with needlemarks, but glad to be alive, as once again doctors told my husband to 'prepare for your wife's passing'. I have a shiny new filter in my vena cava to keep blood clots out of my lungs.In Maryland after 3 day journey and already missing my husband.

Settling into my sister's. Message for details - both good and bad.

Update on Me

Posted by Holdt on April 22, 2012 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)


Typing is slow but strength increasing. I still have fluid in my lungs, but I'm being compliant with my doctors orders. They've put me on a 750ml every 24 hours liquid restriction, which is a serious practice in self control.

Am still on oxygen as well and breathing is labored. hey are telling me that I wont be leaving hospital any time soon. I am hoping they (the doctors) are wrong on that one point. I'm afraid for my husband and son b/c my family needs me healthy and back on my feet, and my husband can't work if I can't watch Lex.

Im having some serious short-term memory probllems and have decided to write evenrything down in my journal - a move I credit Lee with and am grateful for. Memories still coming back steadily, which I'm also grateful for.

I'm not well, but I am getting better.

I'll update again tomorrow.





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