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December 2012

FandomStargate SG-1


Warnings: flashes, fast cuts, dubstep editing, NSFW

Summary: When the wars are over, we'll find our piece of Heaven.

Notes: Started out trying to redux Don't Ask (2009), realized that I didn't like anything about it except a few clips, so I mixed, clipped, completely changed the music (and hopefully the atmosphere) and added a pinch of spice.

2012 November

1) My Whole Life
Pairing: Rodney/John
Warnings: flashes, fast moving, NSFW explicit
Summary: Is it the darkness or is it Rodney. He's like an addiction - John has an epiphany.
Music by Adam Lambert

SSD Character StudyTomin
Warnings: hypocrisy, flashes, 13th hour heroism
Summary: Blind allegiance serves no Truth.
Password: Ori

Warnings: fast-moving, flashes
Summary: 'Gaters gettin' dirrrty.

2012 September

Collab - Edited by Holdt & Darcy
: drama, reasons 
: Jack isn't sure what Daniel sees when Daniel looks at him. 
Music by Adam Lambert

2012 August

Warnings: flashes and fast cuts, some graphic imagery
SummaryFeminine essence and kickass trumps adversity.
Footage property of TriStar, FOX Television, Universal Pictures, Disney, United Artists
,Lionsgate, IM Global Summit Entertainment,  Focus Features, Prodigy Pictures, Shaw Media & Mutant Enemy 
Music by Jessie J
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FandomTrue Blood
Pairing: Sookie/Eric
Warnings18+ for graphic sexual imagery, mature concepts, fairy dust, fangs and Fae glamour
Summary: Ignorance is bliss for Eric when all he can see is Sookie and all he wants is to be free.
Footage Property of Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
Music by Apollo Drive
Hi-Res Download 1              Hi-Res Download 2

2012 July

Fandom: Stargate SG-1
PairingsDaniel/Sha're, Daniel/Jack 
Warnings: fast moving, beatwork & flashes, fun with metaphors 
Summary: Daniel lives in a perpetual no-man's land of struggle and self-proof. Sometimes the fiercest battles happen without a ripple's warning. Jack refuses to let him fight alone. 
Music by The Wanted
Hi-Res Download

2012 May

Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Warnings: Partner betrayal, implied het, men being slutty, faulty communication, with a side of angst
Music by Richard Marx

2012 January

Warnings: mpreg imagery
Trailer for Expecting by Velocitygrass



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