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Holdt's 2009 Vidlist

December 2009 (moving to Vegas 10 soon)

1) Umbrella (J/D)
Jack/Daniel pre-slash
Jack thinks back after Meridian, to all the little things he missed at the time, all the ways that Daniel constantly tried to make Jack see him truly, and the lengths Daniel went through to prove his worth to Jack.
Leaving Jack to wonder how much pain he could have saved Daniel and what could have been if he'd been brave enough to reach for what was in front of him. (sentence fragment) ;)
I blame the rabid vidbunny.
Also, these clips and the song are (obviously) not mine - I just dress em up and make em dance.
No money, no profit, no copyright infringement intended.
Music by All Time Low "Umbrella" (cover)

Streaming & Download Here: http://ravenholdt.livejournal.com/1201.html
Or Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ravenholdt1#p/u/2/YOqN3651bqI

2) Trainer - In The Mouth of Madness
Trainer for Vegas 8
No copyright infringement intended. For Entertainment purposes only.
Music by Breaking Benjamin - Dance With the Devil

Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ravenholdt1#p/u/5/yiTp3-BERi8

3) What If (J/D, J/S)
What If
Jack/Daniel AU
Slash. Dark
Jack makes his choice, then changes his mind too late to stop tragedy.
Source media courtesy of Stargate SG1
Music 'What If' by Coldplay
Editing by Holdt
I do not own the source media, nor is any copyright infringement intended. No profit is made. For entertainment purposes only.

Streaming & Download Here: http://ravenholdt.livejournal.com/886.html
Or Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ravenholdt1#p/u/1/anqK0EaHm1U

November 2009 (Corel VideoStudio12)

1) Daniel's Nightmare's   
This is my first and tester vid.I wanted to put VideoStudio through its paces and see what I could do with it. Theres not really a plot here - I was looking more for the feel of the music and the rawness of the syncopation in keeping with my title concept. Basically, its just the effect of the constant violence at SGC on Daniel's psyche.
I welcome suggestions and critiques, as I dont consider myself fully competent yet, but am looking to learn from the community. That being said, Enjoy!

Clips are from Seasons 1-5 of SG-1
Music by 30 Seconds to Mars, "Beautiful Lie"

Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ravenholdt1#p/u/4/M0oPkGXucc0
Here: http://fandomland.ning.com/video/daniels-nightmares-1

2) Sleepwalker (Helen/Will)
Felt like vidding something different, so here it is.
Somewhat unrequited love/psychotic obsession mix.
Music by Adam Lambert - "Sleepwalker"
I own nothing. Syfy Channel and Adam Lambert own everything except the edits.

Watch Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Ravenholdt1#p/u/3/Z81JgEbn3Rs


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