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This is Manic Mea please update your bookmark for this site. Domain has expired and has switched back to Holdt webs 

Welcome to Holdt's Vidding home in space.

Here you'll find a masterlist of my vids to date, as well as streaming access and d/l links. I have been vidding since late 2009, and am proud to say that I am still learning how to make Vegas roll over and show it's belly.  This is primarily a site to share my own works, but with me on the path are a few good friends, who post from time to time, come and go as they wish, and are a constant source of inspiration to me. (Much like hyper-intelligent cats.)

In order of appearance, they are:  Manic Mea (Vidder/Beta) , Wrethcat (Author/Vid & Fic Beta), PinkDiamonds (Author/Beta), Mistrust (Vidder/Beta), and Mitch (Author/ Vid & Fic Beta).

Be sure not to miss their very notable contributions to fandom as you peruse, and remember that feedback is manna to the muse.

Feel free to leave comments, concrit, or just drop us a line saying hi. New friends and contacts are always appreciated here. To date, I have never let a comment/feedback go without  response, whether by email or onsite, and I believe the same can be said of my companions.

As always, observe the golden rules of fandom and do not re-post or hotlink directly to my vids. If you'd like to share my work with others, please link back to this site.

You may ask me about reposting, but as I myself need the bandwidth to continue posting my vids, I'll probably say no. (There's always a chance, though...)  ;)

Also, be advised that I am primarily a slash vidder. That means you WILL see scenes here which either indicate or flat-out display scenes of adult males (and females...eventually)  engaged in homosexual activity. If this is something which offends your sensibilities, ethical structure,  social peace of mind, etc., feel free to leave.

We're all adults, yes?

Don't complain and whine to me, don't bother sending me/us hateful mail which I/we will not do you the courtesy of responding to..Just Leave.

Everyone sanely grounded in this century, feel free to continue.

(and when you're done here, jump on over and give my Allies some love!) :D

Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you enjoy my interpretation of my fandoms as much as I enjoy vidding.


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New Vid: HOLY [SPNL Destiel]

Posted by Holdt on February 22, 2017 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)

For pinkdiamonds

Warnings & bsummary on page;

Comments and concrit welcome.

also streaming @ AO3

New Vid: Shine [American Horror Story]

Posted by Holdt on February 4, 2017 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)



Posted by Holdt on November 22, 2014 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

So I started a thing that I've been avoiding starting for years.

Wish me luck! :D

[EDIT] Wow. I won!

Vid Rec: Tony Stark | Fear is How I Fall by VilyaXxX0llwyna

Posted by Holdt on September 23, 2014 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I wasn't sure what to expect, but considering that it's a SYTYCV entry,(a youtube vidding contest run by the ever-awesome SmokeyFizz) I was reasonably assured that it would be a great ride. Wow - yes.


This vid sucked me in so quickly and so deftly that I could not look away. The pacing, the use of gradients, masking and overlays was masterful. This vid hit my Tony headcanon and feels so hard that I actually said "oh Tony...".

Out loud.


It flows effortlessly and hurts so good.


Whether you love the MCU, just enjoyed watching the original Iron Man movie, or are an old-(or new!)school Marvel comics fan, you should watch this vid. Even people who cant stand MCu but love vidding should watch this vid. There, I've said my piece, the choice is up to you.


Tony Stark | Fear is How I Fall by VilyaXxX0llwyna





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