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Oh, y'know...  firm believer that homoeroticism WON'T be responsible for morally bankrupting society.  Yep, one of them far left liberals who believes people should be free to write whatever they like.  Just as they should be free to read whatever they like... or NOT read. (Or film/view, etc...)  Funny thing that.  There are those out there who want to take away our choices.

Back to that soapbox later...


Other than that?  Lemme see... My two favorite quotes are: 


" And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."-Nietzsche  


 "You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you." - Isadora Duncan

That should give you at least some idea of who I am...

or at least a good start on one. *grin*

Now, as promised...

We live in a world where it is increasing easier and easier to, as they used to say, "tune in and drop out". With the internet and all the technology we have at our fingertips, we now have the means to live without ever coming in contact with our fellow man.

However, we also live in a society where our freedoms are constantly being threatened and challenged. Often without much notice, as the populace stays glued to their keyboards, Ipods and hands-free headsets.

Be aware.

Challenge those who would rob you of your rights.

Some people confuse acceptance with apathy, but there's all the difference in the world. Apathy fails to distinguish between what can and what cannot be helped; acceptance makes that distinction. Apathy paralyzes the will-to-action; acceptance frees it by relieving it of impossible burdens.

- Arthur Gordon

Sorry 'bout climbin' back up on my soapbox,


Without help,

Roe vs. Wade COULD be overturned.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) might NEVER get repealed.

Gay marriage might never be legalized in all states.

New Orleans 9th Ward may never be rebuilt.

And so much more...

Be aware.

Don't let them dictate

your internet content OR

any other freedoms.

Talk about it.





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